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AIM Consulting is a worldwide leading translation company specializing in localization and translation services with offices in London, Dubai, Stuttgart, Moscow, Doha, Ankara, Antalya and Headquarters in Istanbul. AIM Consulting brings together over 17 years of proven professional translation experience to organizations around the world, governments, non-profit entities and law firms. One of AIM Consulting's primary goals as a full-service translation vendor is to establish long-term relationships with its clients and in doing so, becoming an integral part of their international expansion into other markets.
Our clients choose our company becuase of our superior accuracy, speed, need for perfection and competitive pricing. You can feel comfortable outsourcing your translations to AIM Consulting, you can be assured that every component of your project will be handled professionally and confidentially and as a client, you can rely on AIM Consulting to meticulously manage the workflow of your project.
We have established partnerships with governments, EU-funded programs, and commercial companies on subjects varying from IT, defense, medical, legal, fashion and software localization.

We believe that today it is a necessity for international companies to receive the assistance of professionals for tackling their various needs, otherwise, they will be spending their valuable time trying to get these jobs done by themselves and most of the time, and very naturally, they will find it hard to accomplish the results that a professional and experienced team can achieve. Believing that everybody should do what they are good at, and that true efficiency can only be achieved that way, AIM Consulting meets various needs of companies in a professional manner. We will help you achieve your objectives in local, national and international markets by providing professional translations of the highest quality for all of your communication needs. Our translation company will help you break the language barrier, get your message across and make communication easier.

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