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AIM Consulting offers guidance and assistance to foreign companies seeking investment opportunities in Turkey. Our client portfolio includes many leader companies from Gulf countries, the USA and the UK to whom we help find and conclude many successful investment projects. Our services start from the onset of the project; this includes finding and negotiating good investment opportunities with the relevant parties with or on behalf of our clients, followed by the preparation of the applications to the government officials, right up until the completion of the project as well as any follow up needed once the project has been completed. Our clients feel the security of having our reliable team and service with them every step of the way. We offer you virtual office and secretarial services to help your presence in the Turkish market.

We believe that there are very good opportunities in Turkey that no future-conscious company should miss.

Let us help you enter the Turkish market and build a strong base, discover the blooming opportunities and support your current business with new investments.





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