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E-Learning is learning that can take place anytime and anywhere, whether the delivery is online or offline, CD or DVD. Some of terms you may be familiar with are CBT and WBT, computer-based training and web-based training respectively. E-Learning allows your users to learn at their own pace, no pressure or time restraints, no time away from their daily job tasks, and no costly traveling expenses.

Users can stop, pause, rewind, fast forward and much more in CBT. CBT is usually output in Flash or HTML on a server(i.e. Intranet), LMS, or the Internet.  WBT allows the user to have a "live" instructor guide them through the process as well as allowing them to demonstrate the skills they just learned in various exercises.

How do YOU Learn?

Most people tend to retain more data with visuals when learning, rather than paragraphs of black text on a white background.  

  • Are you the type of learner who enjoys learning a new system application with a brightly colored user guide with screenshots, callouts and arrows?

  • Do you need to have a live person guide you through the process step-by-step in the classroom environment?

  • Or maybe you like self-paced learning and enjoy going through interactive tutorials online with audio and animation?

Pictures, color, and graphics are definitely more captivating then black and white text, but are you retaining more information? Statistics show that this is actually true. It is believed that a balance of white space and graphics/images on the page significantly improve learner retention rates.

If you are implementing a new training plan for your organization we will work with you to find out how your users/clients or employees learn best. We will come in and carry out a needs analysis before you throw away those hard earned Training and Development dollars.

 How do we Measure our Learning?

There are many ways we can "measure learning". We can initiate pre and post testing before and after training. we can use  interactive quizzes multiple choice questions, case studies, and even interactive games!

The point of measuring is not to see if the learner can recite the definition of a term, spew out a list of steps, or even put a sequence of steps in the right order. The point of measuring is whether or not the user can apply the knowledge they have learned to their job. Interactive measurements or activities should test the learner on specific tasks that they need to know in order to do their job more efficiently. Case Studies and role-playing reenacting real work situations will empower the user to solve problems and be a successful decision-maker in their job role.

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